14 mar. 2015


a short novel


    The caguama; that unbearable & strength, concentration and empty; were full of rage, bottles filled with oil, magna gasoline, and the civil news in all screens of cellphones and laptops, they have cut all lines of communication, the antennas had been blocked, a brownout is enough; occupy the gas stations that are not flooded; try to walk by streets where death does not catch you. Outside the bar, the cold beer was guard by the commune, the noise of  fires & ashes on burning roofs, tens of men, woman and  orphans, makeshift camps outside the bar, they have arrived with hangover & molotovs of sand, glass, pieces of metal; release valves that emerge gracefully in their heavy hands; all blast bleeding, emanating from those bottles, the black threshold intoxicates us in a strongly way, here I am with my beer and mexcal, I am the invisible night waiter who serves to street traders and other dispossessed, there was a prediction that hell will evaporate with the river; near here not too far on a road beside towns, another contingent  burned the oil and gas pipelines  passing through a vast pasture lands, who belong to some politicians, everything  was reduced to a hellish barbecue, they were long and grotesque zebu skulls, long beard, ivory beasts in flames were dying embers of the grass that sustained life.

     The roads are flooded and under siege by boats from the marina, leaden helicopters and mud soldiers, sweaty masses sheltering the imprisoned wall water, they afraid to shoot; only 001%... Top way downtown, high above the city, the clients of the bar roared; we are the generation of intellectual laziness and unemployment they have been claimed; suicidal discontented marching from dawn to their own holocaust.

    There are no more commanders and generals in this land as before, said the wise old men; I mean from the old days, with machete and a gun, huaraches & a blanket hat. We are exiled from time, from underground slums & saturated salty lemons; we are wind; dust, ash, coal.

    The caguama; so unbearable & strength, dropped itself to the wet ground, succumbed in their natural sound of gentle aroma and bitter essence, a clot should go swimming still on my head, I feel the pressure and dull atmosphere; heavy as seeing blood; violently the truck stopped when my soul as unsuspecting deer was hit directly to the pavement; calcium; skeleton, teeth, skull, everything vibrated as a bad chord of a hard drum, my eyes went out, they run like fog, I do not recall having dealt with the driver, or perhaps quickly he just ran away when he saw me lying face down on the street and left me; maybe thinking that I was dead. I guess so I do not know, I do not remember. But it's what they told me later.

      The tremendous concentration of alcohol in my blood was already burned fuel to my feet that respondents to take me back to my dwelling place and origin, accidents come and go, surely death with his watch in hand & empty jar, was grudgingly expecting for me to serve him/her from the cold caguama.  Lend me for a moment some of your breath just to be stand. Bile my mouth, my dry esophagus and the fresh petting of stored solvent; open the canteen, that is just I'm thinking about, although this optical illusions whose play around me; delirium tremens tenderness.

      After a stack of beer cartons as my room bed; humidity walls near the river, that who sleep and threat to spill; the bottle rolled, sweeping the cockroaches awakening them from their sacred lethargy, lying drunk on my aglow salty sweat; sacred foam, saliva and delicacy to them, they slip away of my shadow when the caguama roll; die & fall without breaking in its harmonious architecture; white & uniform walls reflected the box. Little by little I'm infected. All mosquitoes have satisfied from me. Then they will die.

By mexcalero… 

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