20 nov. 2014

Postal ZerO Peace & Revolution

the Bloody Tunas land

     First put some of your favorite warfare tune; welcome bats to mexcalcountry, there was once a upon a time in Tenochtitlan; sacred nopal, sacred bloody prickly pears, old gods of stone & human hearts, under the obsidian knife; red cosmogony of living universe use to rule those acts of sacrifices to complete the whole circle of infinity life just to reborn continually; we are sons of just another sacred humanity that had preceded us & refuse to die. 

    Then we were fucked by Spain & pirates, but shit, like I said we just reborn, some of us are a medley of many indigenous & occidental races. The rest is just history, perhaps by 1910 the journalism John Kenneth Turner wrote in Mexico Barbaro, months before of the Mexican Revolution, Yaquis & Mayas were enslaved on henequen plantations; their bodies, sick or weak even alive, were just throw out to the crocodiles; he visited many of them in Yucatan; brutal times that had had not changed at all; every event of brutality and violation of human rights from this pig dictatorshit in order of hashtags if you wanna research on twitter, my beloved reader, this new panorama:
#Mireles #Atenco #AguasBlancas, #Acteal #GuarderiaABC #Tlatlaya  and more recently made #Ayotzinapa #AccionGlobalporAyotzinapa

#GlobalActionforAytizinapa are a few; people are just tired of the swine narcopolitic system of these bastards. 
    Thousands in our cities & many other cities around the world, are marching day & night; tears of rage, #YaMeCanse #RenunciaEPN  shots of dusts, hordes of campesinos de maiz, riders of tha moon, long live #Atenco #Revolution with this peacefull machete, spirit of  #Zapata saludos hermanos del mundo  please follow the hashtag:
#20NovMx and the others . . .

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