15 feb. 2016



SONS OF MAGUEY              .

Pechuga: mescal espadín distilled with a breast of a rabbit, chicken, turkey…
Gusano: mescal espadín with agave worm.
Minero: colorless mescal from Oaxaca Santa Catarina Minas.
Pulque: ancestral drink from the agave
Tlacuache: mexican marsupial drinker of aguamiel (sweet sap from maguey) 

          I was charging my cellphone, pulque & loan, the owl girl with the tattooed seven eyes invited me from her electric cigarette; it had a strong smile & wisps. The second girl who just by singing I knew her nationality, german-tijuanense. Then they left; we said goodbye, good crossing.  Meanwhile I remain on the non-flavor elixir & harmonic melodies, I just bought a pechuga bottle at the Oaxaqueñita, so there I was at the “tlaxcalteca up to the hill albino donkey of curado on holydays”, I was waiting a tlacuache. He send signs of being alive. He down the hills and was stuck at the metro. I send to him some indications from the hallucinogen hole that I was; when he arrives start to take some photographs. Charal brought to snack. I ask them to the pulqueritas another jar.

          There are no more Pulquerias like this place, it had been closed those business. Do you remember “La risa”? That had a long time ago, then to find a good pulque not adulterate. Said to me. Have you ever came here before? – I asked. I had heard about it but never came here before. There are mescals at the bar, so at my call came the tlacuache girl. What you wanna drink buddy? I just have pechuga & gusano, I said 2 & 2 shots…and are sure you just have those? I inquire. - Oh let me check, Suzy!, you are the tall one, come & check please…

          The aguamielero continues; do you remember that scene on the MIL USOS trilogy, from Hector Suarez? In the 2, I think when his morro said to him, “I hunger”; then he takes his son at the local store, but I cannot remember for what thing to eat that can afford it, so then he bring his child to a underground pulqueria, there for 5 pesos they give him a pulque glass, he gives to his son, and he said; pulque?, in the beginning he doesn’t like at all, but the father instead to finish the glass.

       Suzy brownie hair finds out minero, I asked for another 2 shots.   Transito was the name of that fucker; therefore pulque was denigrated to poor people, shitty outcast, indigenous folks, foxes & tlacuaches; over there a few blocks in that direction, mescal & pulque is served in fine glasses, for the cocksucker hipster fashion, they all look like the same shit magazine… claims the marsupial, we left; every animal his own way back. I got erased bytes & tapes from my memory, that perverse spiral as devil; do you suck me or do you spit me? I was carrying my mudheart; the bottle, tropic ashes. The ladies was signing a song to a star that don’t dawn, sparkling hills have lost while the bus pass, the women besides me lies asleep drunk of sap.  

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