6 jun. 2015

Mescal & Tequila Museum

             In the heart of the great Tenochtitlan, anciently the neighborhoods of Texcatzocal & in front of strip of Cuecopan, one day use to be a lake with a sophisticate system of chinampas, organized like calpullis; now 5centuries later we found a concrete mass that is today the Garibaldi square, then the museum - if you don’t have any idea about what mescal is – in case you are at the MX city - it´s a good start to know basic mixology about this great drink & culture.  

            So there I was, with my big bag at back, drinking my mexcal, at the maybe the only museum in city where is allowed take a sweet, strong drink of tequila & mescal; not mixed of course. From the nahuatl mexcalli, which means cooked agave, or metl maguey. Given for Mayahuel a young virginal goodness, a dead lover of Quetzalcoatl. Old legend. Now Señor Maguey please attention, with a shot of mescal, you may start feeling magic; all around the tongue, all around the spirit. Savage tenderness. Please take at least 3 shots. A good mescal is about or more than 40, 50, 60% of alcoholic graduation.


       Strong drinkers should have a collection like those, bottles I mean, (please see some photos) families and mescaleros masters possess the holy knowledge about how to produce mescal, then several entrepreneur clients buy directly to the producer, packaging, branding and selling by their own. You can also find it all around mescaleros towns in simple or handcraft black mud bottles.

       Mexico have among 200 species of agaves, perhaps like 42 of them are used to make mescal.  Depending of the container where the mescal sleeps, like wood & in some areas mud mostly, a mescal drinker can find flavors relative or not from those materials, the result is a strong and delicate taste & smell among oak, wood, firewood, ashes, citrus, fresh, poisonous woman lips, magic thoughts, possession, some sweet sexual element, and many others flavors, but that´s another kind, you got to discover that. 

           Inside the museum you can enjoy multimedia about how the mescal is made, curious gastronomy & a lot of paraphernalia in the store, mike & sotolero have told me about the palatable menu at the restaurant, they already recommended to me, the molcajete mutem, arracheras, smoked meat, sausage, chicken breast with cheese, spring onions and grilled nopales, but I just want an arrachera with a bunch of chapulines (grasshoppers), with some nice black beer & sure, a sweet mescalito.

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