11 nov. 2013


a long time, mexcalradio were product of some freaks, it was born from the word & the word that was in the begining, and then is, the flower of the word never dies,why this podcast is so special?, featuring in the speech about "los pueblos originarios" (minute 6:40) a la "pitayita roja" Bety Cariño, human rights defender that was murdered by the paramilitary in oaxaca,see the complete note here: https://www.frontlinedefenders.org/node/2478

    Now like a little tribute to the great one odd fella, with a few mescales a trip by the several conversations with DRGNZO, also how whisky most be drink it, a also invited to the freemedia, freecommunication, freeword in this universe of freaks,a #GonzoJournalism like in some part that I rememberd in words of Lotterman, in the Rum Dairy, about an answer to Kemp, 

Pervert? - I said. 

"ah you know what I mean, he said with a wave on his hand. "General perverts - drunks, bums, thieves - God only knows where they come from". 

so, if the universe is full of freaks, God most lovethem, freedom in words & life, being Gonzo,

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